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The user will have the option to upgrade the offer that they have submitted to Bazaar24 from the standard free offer to another one that Bazaar24 promotes. These may be different in design, colour or position on the website and may run for a different duration, unless the user has withdrawn the offer from sale or marked it as sold. In the event that an offer upgrade is purchased and then withdrawn before the purchased duration has finished then the user agrees that, even if they subsequently decide to put the offer live again, refunds for any unused time may be occasionally offered at the discretion of the management.

Trade offers may also be posted for free, but users may be required to select the Trade option within their account.

By phoning any and all of the private numbers listed in offers, users are agreeing to pay a per minute fee in full, whether or not the line connects or is picked up by the other party. For further information on Private Response Numbers, including the current cost per minute, click here.

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The user shall report to Bazaar24 any suspected errors with the offerisement as soon as they come to the user’s attention.

Bazaar24 reserves the right to refuse to publish any offerisement without ascertaining any reason, and to classify, edit and delete at its sole discretion. The placing of any offer is an acceptance of these conditions.