WordPress Backups & manually Updates WordPress version


Got stuck with WordPress Issue? Let us help you. 

We’re here to safely update WordPress core, plugins, and themes. We also support upgrade compatibility to ensure your site stays online.

Every order includes:

  • The latest secure WordPress version will be uploaded and old WordPress files replaced. Includes updating of MySQL database.
  • All plugins updated and verified to be working with new WordPress. Alternatives suggested for incompatible or insecure plugins.
  • Any theme which has not been customized can be updated. This includes all default themes and any downloaded from WordPress.org.
  • Updates are fully tested to ensure nothing on your site breaks, and that everything is compatible. We sort any issues that may arise.
  • On-site or off-site, we’ll backup your WordPress website on a schedule that’s right for you.
  • Install security plugin to protect your site from hacker.