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Extreme control for high-support activities

Non padded without wire,full of support

100% Polyester

Advanced breathable moisture-wicking fabric

The ergonomically adjustable cushioned straps for comfort

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What our customers say:

I’m not sure why Syrokan would advertise this as a “High Impact Support Bounce Control Plus Size Workout Sports Bra”, because apart from it being a bra, it’s absolutely none of those things.I am a size 34DD, and do relatively low impact workouts. This bra does not provide support, and because it does not offer support and leaves all the weight literally hanging off the shoulders, my shoulders and neck hurt after using it.The material is soft and comfortable, and the bra looks like it does in the photos. I suspect that the one I received may have been tried on a couple of times before I received it, so I was not ecstatic about that either.I am very disappointed that I’ve been deceived by the seller’s description, and think they should do something about their description and offer compensation to those who purchased the item based on a completely inaccurate description of the product.If you are after a high impact sports bra; look elsewhere. The only thing this bra might be good for is lounging around the house, and if you have a small enough bust size; with some luck it might also work for yoga.I hope you found my review helpful and would appreciate your feedback below. Thanks and good luck!

I bought it hoping it would replace my shock absorber which I use for running. I am an F cup so need plenty of support and unfortunately it isn’t enough for running, however it is perfect for the more energetic types of yoga because it provides enough support for medium impact while at the same time allowing full deep breaths. So I would buy it again but not for the advertised high impact activities, hence minus one star. For ladies of a smaller size it may be suitable for running.

A rather nice lightweight sports bra, lovely colours and design – however, its certainly not high impact for the larger bust. The fit is actually very good with a wide underband and wide straps to distribute weight. Unfortunately the material is lightweight which at first I thought would be great for summer but quickly realised it gave no “high impact” support. Did wonder when I normally spend double this amount on sports bras. I’m keeping it for walking and pilates as it offers more coverage and no wires but I certainly couldn’t do a decent run in it or aerobics class without discomfort. Could well be ok if you are a smaller bust but certainly not enough support for an F or similar cup size.