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This out stitched stonewashed rainbow jacket for women just does not have great pattern and style but have great fit too.They look adorable once worn and noticable every where you go.These jackets are knee length and fleece lined inside on each and every part.As they are washed out they have faded grunge type look.Lining inside will make you always feel coumfortable and also gonna keep you nice and warm too during chilli weather.They are great during festivals or very great while taking this on your holidays.This rainbow pattern coat will surely make you look very different from average high street styles.


These jackets are fully fleece lined from inside whole body parts also inside sleeves and hoods too.

100% cotton inside and 100% lining inside


Fastening: Zip

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What our customers say:

This is a wonderful coat, extremely warm and so colourful. A present for my wife, she loves it and she is very visible in supermarkets etc. No more need to shout or whistle. A very attractive piece of clothing.

Really lovely warm coat. Lovely bright colours for winter.