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Product Description Gym? Volleyball? Horse riding? Whatever your cup size and whatever the sport, enjoy extreme support and style with the Active Multi Sports Support bra. With a crop top design and fully integrated sports bra support the Multi sports bra has fully back opening to make it easy to get on and off. The racer back adds extra support and the shaped, padded straps add comfort.

Crop top design with integrated sports bra support

Shaped, adjustable padded straps for comfort


Machine Wash


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What our customers say:

If you have mahoosive hooters and you want to jump about in gym classes, kicking and punching and doing burpees and all without the slightly jiggle – this is the one. Even more so than even other Shock Absorber designs, this is the first one I’ve tried that is comfortable and truly delivers on no jiggle whatsoever. Keep those puppies in their place.

The support offered by this bra is excellent, but the colour is a real problem. The pink bra is not the pale pink of the photo but a vivid, could-not-be-more-lurid, luminous pink. It will not shop bleeding luminous pink dye on my clothes when I work out. I’ve kept wearing it and washed it lots of times in the hope that the excess dye would eventually deplete but that shows no signs of happening. In fact, it’s actually become worse – recently the dye has started leaving bright pink marks on my skin that remain even after a shower (they are clearly distinct from a natural flush of the skin). Buy this bra in black or any neutral colour and you’ll have a great time – it’s so comfortable and supportive – in fact, I have two in black and I love those. But I absolutely cannot recommend it in any bright colour, particularly this pink.

I’ve been using this bra for months now and overall i’m very pleased with it. The bra has two clasps at the back and its great for extra support (read that: less bounce!). Still, there’s a slight design oddity. The netted material at the back of bra has ripped slightly. I realise the netting was probably a design attempt to help with sweating however its also resulted in a slight rip where the netting meets the strap material. The breasts sit in a hammock type place, personally i prefer this over the individual pockets you get with most bras as i feel it makes your breasts more secure when working out.If you are a D+ i’d definitely recommend this bra. Even you if decide against this particular item, i personally love this brand and will always wear them at the gym.