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Brand New With Tags

Worn during 2016-17 season

100% Polyester

Fastening: Lace Up


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What our customers say:

Great top for the gym and out running as a result ended up picking up a trio of them.The are lightweight and breath very easy. However, they are not transparent unlike some which are very lightweight. The material keeps sweat off you easily and two ventilation strips running down either side let you breath.Size wise for me it fits great. The body is slightly big, but I brought slightly too big of a size, but not an issue. Also does have longer arm’s which are not an issue for me, but may be for some.Got no issues throwing them in the wash and tumble dryer on a twice weekly basis each. Still going strong, no change in shape or size and colour not faded. Just great.

Love this shirt, sweat passes straight through. It’s a slightly hugging fit for the size, as you want for exercise gear (so it can pick up sweat from your skin) but not tight to bother you or make you look bad if you don’t have a figure you like.Arms are about 1.5cm too long for me so I fold them. I thought I had long arms too!

What you need to know about this product:- Comfortable & Lightweight.- Very breathable material.- Absorbs sweat.- Stretchy.- Arms a little long.- You should buy this.