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Very warm winter stirrup leggings made of high quality material with fleece inside. Ideal for temperatures up to -10 Celsius degrees. Perfect for very cold days.This item is available in sizes 8-22 and in this season most trendy colours.All dimensions are given in centimetres (and inches):SIZE 8 UK (S) | OUTSIDE LEG 99 (39.6″) | INSIDE LEG 76 (30.4″) | WAIST/STRETCHED 60/80 (30″/32″) | HIPS/STRETCHED 68/90 (27.2″/36″)SIZE 10 UK (M) | OUTSIDE LEG 102 (40.8″) | INSIDE LEG 78 (31.2″) | WAIST/STRETCHED 65/85 (26″/34″) | HIPS/STRETCHED 70/94 (28″/37.6″)SIZE 12 UK (L) | OUTSIDE LEG 103 (41.2″) | INSIDE LEG 79 (31.6″) | WAIST/STRETCHED 70/90 (28″/36″) | HIPS/STRETCHED 78/100 (31.2″/40″)SIZE 14 UK (XL) | OUTSIDE LEG 104 (41.6″) | INSIDE LEG 81 (32.4″) | WAIST/STRETCHED 76/94 (30.4″/37.6″) | HIPS/STRETCHED 86/108 (34.4″/43.2″)SIZE 16 UK (XXL) | OUTSIDE LEG 105 (42″) | INSIDE LEG 83 (33.2″) | WAIST/STRETCHED 80/98 (32″/39.2″) | HIPS/STRETCHED 90/112 (36″/44.8″)SIZE 18 UK (XXL) | OUTSIDE LEG 106 (42.4″) | INSIDE LEG 84 (33.6″) | WAIST/STRETCHED 86/100 (34.4″/40″) | HIPS/STRETCHED 94/114 (37.6″/45.6″)SIZE 20/22 UK (XXXL) | OUTSIDE LEG 107 (42.8″) | INSIDE LEG 85 (34″) | WAIST/STRETCHED 90/104 (36″/41.6″) | HIPS/STRETCHED 98/116 (39.2″/46.4″)

Winter Style Full Length Very Warm Thick Heavy Cotton Leggings (Fleece Inside) with Stirrup Sizes 8-22 LS

Warm winter leggings made of high quality material. Ideal for temperatures up to -10 Celsius degrees with stirrup

Cotton 95% and Elastin 5%

Machine Washable


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What our customers say:

Do not buy. Too long for shorter people, I’m only 5″2 and the stirrups don’t stay on my feet or reach without scrunching the leggings all the way down. They were also much too big even though I got my correct size and they sag at the knees like crazy. Last thing, they’re very thin and offer no real warmth and are made of this odd ribbed material which is very noticeable when you wear them. Would not recommend

I wish I could rate less than one star and I would not recommend these unless the wearer does not intend to walk much in them. After only owning these leggings for a few weeks (I bought several pairs to wear with dresses for chub rub prevention), the quality on the inner thighs have deteriorated at an almost laughable rate. I wore each pair no more than once a week and yet I noticed about four weeks in that the pair pictured had large holes worn into them from walking. In fact, I wore a pair yesterday that looked just fine for a day trip which involved much walking and the inner thighs now have decently sized holes in them too!I have other leggings I have worn for months without creating holes. I bought these primarily for the stirrups, as my leggings’ ankles tend to rise up and show skin, which isn’t ideal in a professional environment. The only good thing about these leggings is that I’ve appropriated the now-useless ones ones by cutting them into short, thick strips and sewing these pieces to my durable leggings. Problem solved, though if I knew I’d end up doing this I would have just bought some elastic to create my own stirrups.

Warm yes.Arrived quickly, yes. Also began unravelling at the crotch, waist band, and stirrups the first day I wore them… Had bought two pairs and tried the second pair as felt it could have just been a faulty first pair. Same thing happened both pairs completely un-wearable after first use. I am 5’4 and they were long on my legs….. both pairs are in the bin now.Cheap yes, but a waste of money none the less.