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Cotton Rich Sports Socks by Soxy®, A Great Value for Money Bundle, Great for Sports, work or everyday general wear

Soxy Branded Sport Socks, UK Shoe Size 6-11

60% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 20% Mixed Fibres

60% Cotton, 20% Mixed Fibres, 20% Polyester


Available in Black or White or Mix (6 Black & 6 White)

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What our customers say:

These are socks. Black socks. Made of sock materials. Usually you put them on your feet although teenagers have been known to have other uses for them.I got 12 pairs! That means I can change them 1.714285714285714 times a day assuming you work on a weekly sock rotation. For those more normal humans that’s one pair a month over the course of a year.

Bought this for winter as its very thick and hoping it’ll keep my feet warm. Can confirm it does! Very thick, long, and surprisingly good quality for the price I pay. I don’t expect it to last terribly long but it’s really durable to be honest.

excellent socks. I put one on each hand and stick on some googly eyes, I instantly have two friends. Plenty more in the pack left over so I can make more once I get home from being sectioned. Highly recommended