I purchased these bras after having an operation on my hand and wasn’t able to undo or do up my ordinary bras with my ‘good’ hand while my other hand was healing. I really didn’t expect them to be anything like as good as they are, but these bras exceed my expectations. Sometimes you don’t always get what the picture shows, and I half expected at least one of the bras to be in one of those sludgy colours you often get in a pack, but not these. They are all pure white and give me all the support I need, and I often forget I’m even wearing a bra. Being a crop top it’s really comfortable and feels secure with no riding up or any bulges showing through clothing, and because the bra is a little bit stretchy I can even step into it and pull it up rather than putting it on in the conventional way! I absolutely adore these bras, and even though I can now fasten an ordinary bra have left those in the underwear drawer and much prefer wearing these. I haven’t yet washed them but have no doubt they will come up like new. One tip however, if like me, you are usually a 36b, best to order a size 14-16 which should fit like a glove, as mine do. Well done UtopyaUK for supplying these truly brilliant value for money bras.

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