I got these because they’re 95% cotton. I try to avoid synthetic fabrics, let alone ones that directly touch my skin, especially when I’m exercising and sweating in them. It’s shocking how many polyester leggings are out there and how few cotton ones.I’m size 12-14 (105cm hips and 85cm waist) and I bought a size 12 for these as I like my leggings tight on the waist.These stretch quite a bit on my hips but the wide tummy control band hugs my waist comfortably and is very flattering (and flattening) as opposed to the ones with the thin waist band that can potentially look like muffin. Many reviews state that they run small, but it depends on your body type. I think the 14 would not flatter my waist the way the 12 does.They don’t roll or shift – they stay put all day even after an intense workout. They are great for lounging but decent enough to wear outside. They are opaque, very comfortable and breathable. They are real full length, covering the ankles (I’m 1.70 cm).I would say that these are probably not for summer/hot climates as they are on the warm side due to their thickness, or perhaps you can get the knee-length ones for summer.They are plain and don’t have mesh cutouts, fancy prints or pockets but for me neutral colours, natural materials and breathability are more important.I’ve washed them and air-dried them about 4 times and haven’t noticed any issues, so I expect them to last a long time.I am really happy with them and bought another full-length pair, as well as a knee-length one.

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