These are either very poor quality Sloggi seconds or are ‘knock off’ Sloggis!I’ve worn Sloggis for years, decades even and might even consider myself an aficionado of Sloggi pants and these have to be the worse example I have ever seen! I bought 8 pairs (2 packs, one natural, one black) in mid June, about 10 weeks ago. Assume each pair was worn and washed once per week that would mean each pair will have had no more than 10 washes since new. So, about 3 weeks or so ago the threads at the waistband began to come apart, on some pairs the waistband is coming away from the fabric of the pants; the stitching of the labels has come loose and some Sloggi tags have actually come off – suggesting to be that they were a poorly ‘added extra’ to non-Sloggi pants. As you can see from the photos, this is around the entire waistband and this is the case on all eight pairs!Now, either I was very unlucky and all eight pairs were sub-standard, or these are just not Sloggis! Sloggis are the best pants – they last for ever, they wash and wear well and I’ve never known any to fall apart, much less with under 10 washes!

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