Needed a ‘pull on’ bra as I was going for an MRI and didnt want to have to wear a horrible hospital gown (and dont feel comfortable going bra less all day).. Saw these, and to be honest, wasnt too sure from some of the reviews. But the price was good and they were available on Prime, so decided to order. Very pleasantly surpised when they arrived. Thought the packaging and quality of the Bras was excellent. Sizing was a bit of a guess – I’m a 34 F normally, so plumped for the XL. Fit perfectly and for someone with a large bust I was surprised at the support they do offer. Okay – not the full support of a normal bra by any means and I certainly wouldnt be doing any kind of sports in then at my size, but I felt very confident wearing them to the hospital. And they are stacks better than some I’ve tried in shops for more money. Served the immediate purpose I needed them, for but will continue to wear them on suitable occcassions!

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