I’ve been the unhappy owner of giant boobs since puberty and have never been in a position to afford (or even want) breast reduction surgery. I have spent the past year shopping for minimiser bras and only 1 out of about 10 were actually worth the money. After purchasing a chest binder in desperation (terrible idea, don’t waste your time) I decided to try a sports bra, come hell or high uniboob!This was the second sports bra I’d tried (after a very cheap one) and I’m pretty sure now my bra search is over. I deliberately purchased a cup size down from my other bras to increase the chances of compressing my cleavage, but maintained the band size. The result was a snug fit that minimised projection as good (if not better) than my fave minimiser bra. I waited all day for the discomfort that would surely come but it never did. No movement means no chafing but the real key to this bra’s success is the the racerback design that re-allocates strain from the shoulders to the trunk of your neck (to accommodate arm flexibility in sports). This removes all the usual shoulder discomfort you get with any other type of bra.In addition, the blissful sensation of having a stationary chest is something I was not expecting or even thinking about. My sole concern was reducing my bust but within minutes of putting it on I was jogging up and down the stairs in a state of wonderment at my almost-motionless bosom! Apart from this feeling good it has me considering exercise for the first time in years, because now it feels possible.I guess there are a couple of minor ‘cons’ with all of these styles of sports bra: there are two fastenings instead of one (my own preference is to fasten the back, step into the bra, and then fasten the neck). And then of course there’s the reason many women are dissuaded from even trying any sports bra: the supposed ‘uniboob’ effect. This is only an issue if you plan on wearing figure-hugging clothes or plunging necklines. And if you’re shopping for something to take attention away from your chest it’s highly unlikely this is what your wardrobe consists of. As I said earlier, I actually ordered a chest *binder* a while ago, so a slight uniboob hidden under my clothes is much better than where I was willing to go.Try this bra instead of yet another minimiser. I am 40D in standard bras and I ordered this in 40C and it was perfect. This was my personal choice and I never actually tried it in my usual size which may have worked out great too, I leave that choice to you!

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