I’m no stranger to these (trainer/sneaker) style of socks – have tons of them and replace them regularly.Purchased the 9-11 UK size (43-46 Euro size) – Being a size 10, I have always purchased this size.But these Puma socks are RIDICULOUSLY too big (too long)!Despite having “43-46” sewn into the sock, they are between 3.5cm – 4cm LONGER than any other socks of this same size that I own (including other styles of Puma brand).See my side-by-side photos of this Puma sock and another brand sock I have. (Dark Grey=Puma). The other (light grey) sock matches the size of ALL my other branded 43-46 sized socks.If you’re a UK size 12, maybe you’ll get away with it. But if not and you still want to order these, then I’ll point out that the stitching around the heel area is not the best fitting. It leaves a ‘pigs ear’ effect on either side of the heel that I would imagine easily flaps over inside the shoe and makes it uncomfortable to wear.All I can say is : Proceed with caution.

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