I first purchased a brown pair which were fine, in fact I was so pleased I ordered a couple more pairs maroon and navy. As soon as I took them out of the packaging and gave them a test stretch I could tell they were too small, in fact I could hear the stitching cracking at just this slight pressure. In fairness I decided to try them on but that didn’t get very far due to more ominous sounds from the very tight stitching.Very much a game of chance buying these as the first pair were fine.Just wondering now what the fourth pair I ordered will be like.Cannot recommend and will be returning for a refund.I spent a very long time exchanging emails with an unhelpful and increasingly obtuse seller. They seemed determined not to pay the return postage despite being legally obliged to do so in the case of items unfit for their use and seemed to view everything as me being ‘uncooperative’Eventually had to involve Amazon who confirmed the seller should pay return postage and refunded me in full.

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