After reading all the great reviews I decided to buy this gown in the grey for Winter. I chose the 16-18 size as I am a 14-16 and as that’s a size they don’t do unfortunately, I went for a larger fit rather than the 12-14 which would have been on the smaller size for me. It’s a tad too big but being a comfy, lounge wear item this doesn’t matter too much. It is very, very soft and cosy and super warm. You feel so nice wearing it. The cuffs and collar and inside hood are a fluffy wool like material which is nice but I’m not sure how long they will stay looking nice?…the cuffs have got in the way a bit when I’ve been cooking or eating….and a few spillages have ended up getting stuck in the wool!! I’m 5ft 8″ and it’s down to my ankles so if you’re on the short side it will possibly be too long? But on the whole I’m happy with it and it will keep me nice and toastie. or You can buy it here