These are so comfy! I don’t normally race to write a review, but I’m so impressed. I had been dreading having to go to town to get fitted for a nursing bra as I’m so exhausted, so I decided to take a risk and buy a stretchy nursing bra from the internet. These seemed like good value and could be returned if they didn’t fit. I wasn’t sure what size to get as I’m a 36B at the moment, which was the smallest size for the Large version, and I was worried maybe they would be too big and perhaps I should get a Medium. I went with Large because I’m only going to get bigger so I figured if they didn’t fit now, they should be fine when my milk comes in. They arrived this morning, I tried one on and it fits so well and so comfy and soft that I kept it on and have ditched my M&S bra! Supportive enough to wear during the day (altho I am only a B cup) and soft enough to wear at night for night feeding too. I know I won’t have time to keep changing bras with a new baby, so this is perfect and there’s enough in the pack to have one on, one in the wash and one ready for tomorrow/monster milk leak. Happy days :-)UPDATE: I’ve been wearing these bras in rotation for 8 months day and night and breastfeeding 12+ times a day and they still fit, are still comfortable, I’ve had no problems with them, I can tuck a muslin into the open flap to catch misdirected milk and I’m still totally happy with my purchase 🙂

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